Being Calm and Prepared for COVID-19

Being Calm and Prepared for COVID-19

Don’t rely on rumors and hearsay, for the most up-to-date health information on COVID-19 (coronavirus), please visit the Chippewa County Health Department website on the virus and their Facebook page.  That is where you will find the most recent information on the virus and the most current health advisories and recommendations.  The CDC has a very helpful “Key Facts” page — Get the facts and stop rumors!

We are all in this together.

We all can do something to help others feel safe, calm and valued during this time.

If you would like to find a way to help, start here.

Safer at Home

Essential Business Declaration

Which businesses qualify as an “Essential Business”?  The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has clarification.

Leaving the Home

There is a lot of confusion over what outside-the-home activities are allowed.  The Governor has provided an FAQ that can help.

Please return often to see what new information has been gathered to help us all through this new and challenging time!


Staying Calm and Alleviating Fear

Ways to help deal with the fear and stress of the situation.

Living with Vulnerable Populations

All of us know people who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, many of us live with such people, and some of us are them.  There are many things we can do to help reduce the risk and keep safe.

Being Homebound with Youth

Ways to keep the youth engaged and the family united

Social Needs

Everyone still needs food and the basic necessities of life.  These links will help you navigate the complexities of getting those necessities while still maintaining social distancing or being homebound.

Remaining Connected and Active

Being physically isolated doesn’t mean we need to be socially isolated.  Being “Safer at Home” doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside.  Human contact and physical activity are necessary for mental health.  There are ways to be connected and active while maintaining the social distancing necessary for our health.

Volunteering and Helping Organizations

“Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers    Ways to help and stay safe during the crisis.

Financial Resources

For financial resources dealing with specific situations:



Small Businesses


Staying Calm and Alleviating Fear

  • 20 Second meditations (PDF, 1 page) – Perfect ways to achieve calm in the 20 seconds of washing your hands
  • Managing Fear and Anxiety (PDF, 2 pages) – How to recognize the many different reactions to the changing situation and ways to deal with them.
  • Five Ways to View COVID News Coverage – the American Psychological Association has tips on how to keep informed without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Talking to your kids about COVID-19 – Children’s Wisconsin webpage with guidelines on talking to children about the pandemic
  • Get the facts: Children and COVID-19 – this section of the CDC webpage has all the facts you need to know on COVID-19 and children.
  • Managing anxiety and stress – this CDC webpage has information on handling stress in a variety of situations, including dealing with children, parents, first responders and if you were released from quarantine.
  • Mindfulness for Kids – This FREE interactive, online program will help teach ways to be calm, focused and in control in these uncertain times.  Offered by Mindful Schools.



Living with Vulnerable Populations

  • Food Safety (PDF, 2 pages) –  A reminder of good food safety practices that will also mitigate coronavirus.



Being Homebound with Youth



Social Needs

  • Guidelines for Shopping (PDF, 1 page)  – Staying at home is smart and helpful, however, if you do need to go out following these guidelines will greatly reduce the risk to you and others.
  • Grocery Options

    • Stores that supply food are open but may have reduced hours, please call ahead if you are concerned about them being open.
  • Restaurant Options

    • Some restaurants are providing carry-out, curbside pick up and delivery.  Please call ahead to the restaurant to check availability of these services.
  • Food Pantry Information



Remaining Connected and Active

  • Human Connections Promote Overall Wellness (PDF, 1 page) – Ways to strengthen relationships and stay connected
  • Outdoor Activities – The Governors FAQ on the Safer at Home order clearly states that outdoor activities are not only allowed but are actually encouraged:
    Can I go outside for walks, outdoor exercise, or to play?
    Yes. You may engage in outdoor activities that meet social distancing requirements. You may travel to public and state parks for walks, hikes, and bike rides. No team or contact sports are permitted. Playgrounds are closed.


Volunteering and Helping Organizations

  • Volunteering
    • Volunteer Wisconsin – Volunteer Wisconsin connects volunteers with organizations that need help and organization that need help with volunteers.
  • Information for volunteer organizations
    • Staying Safe in Group Settings (pdf, 1 page) – Safety tips for group settings (homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, correctional facilities)


Financial Resources: Personal

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison has resources that can help with handling the financial challenges that come with the COVID pandemic.  Start with an overview article on Managing Finances in Tough Times and, if you would like more in-depth information, visit their Tough Times resource page.
  • Broadband Resources – The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has a listing of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are offering free or low-cost internet access options during the COVID-19 health emergency.
  • Price Gouging​​​​​​​​, Scams, and False Marketing – Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection COVID-19 page has a section on what to look for and what to do when you suspect any of these issues.
  • Avoid Coronavirus Scams – The Federal Trade Commission has the most current information on how to keep the scammers at bay.



Financial Resources: Farm/Agricultural

  • COVID-19 Resources  – Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center has a page dedicated to the virus. Scroll down to “Regional Resources” to find the section dedicated to Wisconsin.
  • COVID-19: 5 Things Your Farm Should Do Now –  Farm Journal’s Pork publication has tips that are helpful to all agricultural businesses.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Farms – Extension’s Farm Management page has up-to-date resources available to farms.
  • COVID-10 Toolkit (PDF, 3 pages)- The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection created this kit to serve as a resource for agricultural organizations as they prepare for potential impacts of COVID-19 on their business operations.  Note: This PDF is updated frequently.



Financial Resources: Small Business