Wise Wisconsin Spring Series

Save the Dates! Wise Wisconsin Spring Series starts April 8th. Participants must register for the on-hour sessions they plan to attend to receive connection information.  Details below:

On Zoom Wednesday mornings 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

April 7th through April 28th, 2021

Registration Required: https://go.wisc.edu/jk800o

UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Life Span program presents Wise Wisconsin Spring Series. Educators from around to state will host sessions throughout the month of May on topics that will help you increase joy and satisfaction in your life, get you ready for Spring and help you connect with others. Come join us for these one-hour educational sessions!

4/7/21 – Compassion – Divided.  Disconnected.  Tired. This last year has been a challenge and we sometimes have found ourselves critical of others or ourselves, angry at what is happening, or exhausted from all that we see we have to do or have not gotten done.  Learn some skills and techniques of compassion resilience, for others as well as for ourselves as we learn how to connect to others, even if they are different, listen without breaking our boundaries or values, and giving ourselves the grace to be who we are.

4/14/21 – Decluttering: What do I do with all my stuff? – We live with it, walk around it, we may have drawers, cupboards, garages, and basements filled with lots of stuff!    Join us for this one hour “self-starter” to how to begin to deal with the stuff in our lives.  We will talk about getting started with the process, looking at important documents, what to keep and what to shred.  We will look at various ways to distribute the transfer of our non-titled property.    One size does not fit all, but hopefully, you will discover some ways to get started!

4/21/21 – Developing Connection and Belonging through Family History – Whether you know all there is to know about your family history or you’re just starting to consider digging in a little deeper, this session is for you! Join us while we learn tips and tricks to uncover meaningful family stories that help you feel more connected to your roots.

4/28/21 – Gardening for Life – Learn tips and techniques for gardening with ease, protecting your joints, preventing injuries and to enhance your well being. Participants will learn about tools, techniques and plant selection which will allow them to garden throughout life, despite physical challenges whether you are young in age or just young at heart.

Series presented by the following Educators: Karen Dickrell, Faculty  in Outagamie County; Ruth Schriefer, Faculty in Iowa County, Jane Jensen, Faculty in Sheboygan County; Heather Quackenboss,  La Crosse County; Michelle Gobert, Forest County; and Master Gardeners Marilynn Cech and Ann Loper from the Lifelong Garden Project.