4-H Projects

4-H members can select a variety of projects to study and achieve in during the year.  Project bulletins and guides are provided by the club leader(s) and or the Extension Office.  Below is a list of projects available in Chippewa County:

 Adventures  Aerospace  Archery  Beef
 Bicycling  Birds  Cats  Child Development
Clothing  Clowning  Corn  Crocheting
 Crops  Dairy Dogs  Drawing & Painting
 Electricity  Entomology  Fishing  Food & Nutrition
 Food Preservation  Goats  Health  Home Environment
 Horse  Horseless Horse  Houseplants  Knitting
Leathercraft  Naturespace  Pets  Photography
 Poultry  Rabbits  Rocketry  Scale Models
 Sheep Shooting Sports  Muzzeloading Small Engines
 Swine  Theatre Arts  Tractor  Vegetables
 Veterinary Science  Videography  Visual Arts  Woodworking

Enrollment & Project Guide 2018-2019

Arts & Crafts Festival


Drama Festival


Music, Speaking and Demonstration Festival


Clothing Revue


Food Revue


Shooting Sports


Dog Obedience Training


Food & Nutrition/Preservation

NWSF Food Preservation Labels

2015 Foods Revue Recipe Book
2016 Foods Revue Recipe Book
2017 Foods Revue Recipe Book
2018 Foods Revue Recipe Book




Shooting Sports
Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports website
National 4-H Shooting Sports website


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