4-H Projects

A 4-H project represents a specific area of interest that you aim to dig deeper into over the course of the year. There is a wide array of projects available, spanning diverse subjects such as art, woodworking, computers, rabbits, clothing, and small engines, offering ample opportunities for study and exploration.

4-H members can select a variety of projects to study and achieve in during the year.  Project bulletins and guides are provided by the club leader(s) and or the Extension Office.  Below is a list of projects available in Chippewa County:

Project vs. Exhibit

Project vs. Exhibit…it’s common for individuals to use the terms “Project” and “Exhibit” interchangeably. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these two concepts are different from each other.

  • A 4-H project is an area that you want to learn more about during the year. There are projects on just about any topic you would like to explore, from art to woodworking, from computers to rabbits, from clothing to small engines, from aerospace to horses.  If you are interested in learning more about something, there is probably a 4-H project to help you!
  • An exhibit is an item that you have made during your 4-H project learning that you take to the County Fair. You will receive feedback from a judge on your exhibit.
  • When you are enrolling in 4-H you are enrolling in a project, NOT selecting your fair exhibit.

Project Curriculum and Materials

The majority of project curriculum and materials are available for online ordering at www.4-Hmall.org, unless an alternative ordering source is specified. It’s essential to be aware that all these materials are protected by copyright and, consequently, cannot be photocopied. Keep in mind that each youth will utilize a single project book for approximately 2-3 years, with each book typically costing around $5.00.

4-H Project Guide

This resource lists all the possible projects that 4-H offers, with a table of contents list on the first two pages and more detail in the pages that follow. In addition, your club organizational leader or county-based educator can tell you what projects and resources are available in your county.

Special Interest Project Groups

Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports is a national program involving 4-H youth and adult 4-H volunteers. The Wisconsin 4-H program uses the National 4-H Shooting Sports curriculum to teach shooting sports safety to more than 5,000 youth with over 400 adult volunteer instructors across the state. Adult instructors are required to successfully complete a twelve-hour certification workshop before they are approved to teach youth. Our educational focus is on life skills development, safety procedures and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment.

  • Air Rifle
  • Air Pistol
  • Archery
  • Muzzle Loading


Chippewa County 4-H Resources

State & National Resources
Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports
National 4-H Shooting Sports

Horse & Pony Project

Embark on an exploration of horses and ponies, beginning with the fundamentals—discover breeds, gaits, equipment, and various riding styles. The Horse & Pony Project is tailored for those who own or lease these majestic animals. Alternatively, if you don’t own or lease, consider joining the Horseless Horse and/or Model Horse Project. Detailed information for each project is available below.

Engaging in these projects will equip you with valuable skills, preparing you for participation in a range of 4-H sponsored events. From County Fair to State 4-H Hunt & Dressage, State 4-H Gymkhana, and State 4-H Expo, these projects lay the groundwork for an enriching and eventful 4-H experience.

Leader: Erika Swansen


Managerial Project Agreement

Horse Program Education Form

Livestock Education Program

Embark on a transformative educational journey in the livestock industry. Foster personal growth, gain practical experience, and receive income for project enhancement or educational pursuits, all with realistic financial expectations.

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Project support and guidance
  • Educational experiences

Project Leaders

Project leaders may serve in a lot of ways—at a club, county, and sometimes regional or state level. They may work with a committee and have a great deal of support, while other project leaders may work alone to organize project experiences for youth. In whatever way you may lead a project, you are not truly alone. Find additional resources in the role descriptions below.

Project Leader Insterest Form

If you are interested in sharing your spark with youth, please take a moment to complete the Project Leader Interest Form below

Types of Leaders

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