4-H Record Books

The 4-H Record Book is a summary of what you have done for the year. The goal of 4-H is to build life skills of the youth members.  Goal setting and reflection are tools that help youth learn.  Chippewa County 4-H Record Books are due to the Club Advisor on the date set by your club.  Your 4-H club will have an adult committee who will then review the book, complete the comments section.

Old Record Book


Your 4-H record book should be a reflection of your 4-H experience in the past year. Please feel free to personalize it with pictures, drawings or descriptions of your projects and activities. Please do not include any 3-D objects. All records must fit neatly into a binder or report cover.

Record Book Options

Record Book Covers

Record book covers printed on dark green paper are available at the Extension Office.  Or you are welcome to print your own on dark green cardstock or dark green paper.

Dairy Records

These forms are published by Wisconsin 4-H. You may use them in your record book if they will help you further your record keeping.

Record Book Evaluation

Record books are evaluated by other 4-H volunteers. Each member will receive copies of the evaluations and their comments to help you improve your record book. All Cloverbuds completing a record book may be recognized at their club level awards banquet.  Record books from members in grades 3-13 will be rated overall as “Blue,” Red,” or “White” based on evaluations at club level and will receive a “Purple” seal and ribbon based on evaluation done at county level.

Below are forms that were used for evaluations in the past. Please review them and keep the criteria in mind as you work on your record books:

End -of- Year Awards

  • First year members will receive a pin for completing and participating in their first year or 4-H.
  • Five year members will receive a pin marking their 5th anniversary in 4-H.
  • Ten year members will receive a pint marking their 10th anniversary in 4-H.
  • Graduating 4-H members completing 12th or 13th (one year past high school) grade are honored as graduating 4-H members on awards evening at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. They receive a certificate of completion and plaque recognizing their years of 4-H membership.
  • Exploring (Grade 3)
    • Youth taking the Exploring project are encouraged to complete a record book to begin their understanding of the requirements in the process; however, are not required if this is the only project they are carrying.  If an additional project is carried along with the Exploring project then a record book is required in order to achieve as a member.
  • Project Medallions
    • Project Medallions are based on project work for the current year only. Members may receive project medallions for any project that they have carried during the year, providing they have done excellent work. If any members are taking the self-determined project, write that in under the project category that most closely coincides. Members are eligible for medallions regardless if they have previously received a medallion for the project.
    • To receive medallions, a member’s Chippewa County 4-H Record Book needs to be complete. (It is optional to add project summary, financial records and project literature workbook for the Project Medallion which you are applying for).
  • Four year achievement Project Pins
    • To obtain your four-year achievement project pin, you must have achieved in the project for four years, completed Record Book, 4-H Project Summary, and an optional Financial Record for every project you are requesting an award in. Only material from the current 4-H year should be used and the project.

Cloverbuds (Grades K-2)

* Cloverbud record books are encouraged, but optional.*

New Member Record Book

Chippewa County 4-H Record Book Guidelines – Coming Soon

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New Cloverbud Record Book

Cloverbud Record Book – Coming Soon

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