Get Ready to Garden Again!

Join us for the next set of FREE mini-webinars to Get Ready to Garden Again! These engaging mini-webinars are 20 minutes each followed by Q&A. Registration is required for each mini webinar…. attend only one or all three! This series is open to the public. All webinars will be recorded.   Go to to […]

Winter Weather Tree Tips

Excerpted from Purdue University Extension-Forestry and Natural Resources Got Nature? Blog After a heavy snowfall, protect your trees and property with these simple tips: Do not shake limbs to try to remove snow or ice.When you find your trees are bending or drooping as a result of ice or snow accumulation, your first instinct is […]

Custom Rate Guide – 2020 Publication

Included in this 2020 release are statewide average rates and typical ranges for those averages. For more information visit the USDA website at or call your local Extension Office. Custom Rate Guide 2020

Spring Lawn Care

What is Roundup for Lawns? With the spring lawn and garden season fast approaching, the advertisements for lawn care products are fast and furious right now. A new product from Scott’s Company on the market is Roundup for Lawns.  Many are familiar with Roundup which contains the active ingredient glyphosate.  Glyphosate is a non-selective active […]

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