Chippewa County Research Reports & Fact Sheets

Resources from research and demonstrations conducted by or in collaboration with Division of Extension Chippewa County Agriculture Agent Jerry Clark.  These resources are designed to provide useful and practical information to those for whom it was intended.

2020 Malting Barley Fertility Trial

2020 Malting Barley Fungicide Trial

2020 Malting Barley Variety Trial

SARE Project

2018 Spring Malting Barley Variety Trial

2018 Spring Malting Barley Fertilizer Trial

2013 High Sugar Sorghum Report

Canola Fact Sheet

Interaction of Agriculture and Groundwater 

Recording of Interaction of Agriculture and Groundwater in Chippewa County meeting held March 16, 2021.

Topics and speakers included: Kevin Masarik, Division of Extension, Groundwater Education Specialist, “Nitrate, Groundwater, and Agricultural Systems: Challenges and Opportunities”; Mike Parsen, Division of Extension, Hydogeologist, “Groundwater Movement and Hydrogeology”; Kevan Klingberg, Program Agronomist, Chippewa County Department of Land Conservation and Forest Management, “Chippewa County Groundwater Quality: Past and Present”; and Jerry Clark, Agriculture Agent, Division of Extension Chippewa County, “Historical weather patterns.”