Gardening Articles

Enjoy these garden articles written by Master Gardener Volunteers and Chippewa County Extension staff.
They discuss plants, pests and other timely items gardeners encounter throughout the growing season.

Add a Touch of Autumn Splendor to Garden Containers

Applying Nutrients to Your Landscape

Black-Capped Chickadee

Cleaning Garden Equipment For Winter Storage

Dragon Trees

Early Spring Blooms (Minor Bulbs)

Edible Perennials

Eggplant in the Garden

Fall Lawn Care

Gardening with Kids

Grow More in Less Space

Growing Potatoes

Harvesting the Fruits of your Labor

Having a Frugal Green Thumb

Indoor Blooms for the Holidays

Invasive Jumping Worms

Invasive Plants

Just the Right Partnership

Late Summer Garden Planting

New Years Resolution – Plant a Garden

Overwintering Geraniums

Soil Sampling Lawn and Garden

Soldier Beetles in the Garden

Spider Plants

St. Joseph’s Community Garden

Common Garden Inquiries

Fruit Cracking/Catfacing

Winter Weed Identification Fact Sheets